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In the Absence of a Dedicated HR Manager, Versature Relies on PurelyHR for Time Off Management

Versature, Canada’s leading business VoIP phone provider, was faced with a common small business dilemma as they balanced growth with managing everyday HR tasks. How do you manage your HR processes when you don’t have a dedicated HR manager?

Versature is recognized for business excellence and as an employer of choice in Canada’s telecommunications industry

Versature prides themselves on their commitment to customer service and providing a high-quality business solution within the telecommunication industry. To achieve this, Versature’s executive team recognizes the important role of a strong corporate culture and employee satisfaction.

This philosophy has led to Versature experiencing over 55% growth year-over-year and expanding their workforce threefold since 2011. They have also been awarded employer of choice in the Canadian Telecommunications industry 3 years in a row. 

Growing Pains (and Gains)

Awarded Ottawa’s fastest growing company in 2013 and 2017 and one of Canada’s fastest growing companies in 2018, it is safe to say that Versature is no stranger to growth. But as you can expect, growth like this comeswith a specific set of challenges.

As the team at Versature reached double digits, tracking staff absences in Gmail and Google Calendar became a nightmare. Without a bulletproof process in place, keeping track of time-off balances was confusing, requests and approvals were getting lost, and lack of transparency made it hard for managers to identify issues.

Enter PurelyHR! Versature turned to Time-Off™ to start tracking staff absences and managing time-off requests. Plus, unlimited support from the PurelyHR Customer Success team made implementation a breeze.

In fact, the simple implementation process was one of the key factors in their decision to use Time-Off™. PurelyHR can be implemented in hours (not weeks or months) and no need to get your IT team involved. With our free account setup call, our Customer Success team will walk you through each step and ensure your account is set up to match your business needs.

From our very first conversation, Jonathon and his team were pleased with the prompt and helpful service provided by the staff at PurelyHR. Versature’s management team was also pleased to find a flexible system that could accommodate the changing complexity of a growing team.

“If we started any other business, a system like this would be at the top of my list. Implementation is nothing and cost is minimal, which makes this type of SaaS-based HR product a must-have in any business’s arsenal.”

– Jonathon Moody, President & COO at Versature

Say Hello to Time-Off Transparency

Here are just some of the ways that PurelyHR helped Versature streamline their HR processes:

  • Automated calculations for new hires with correct accruals based on their hire date.
  • Increased transparency around time-off allowances and time-taken. Work/life balance is very important to Versature and now they can make sure staff is taking their much-deserved time off.
  • Better communication surrounding time-off policies making it easier to enforce them and avoid policy abuse.
  • Self-service access so staff can access personal and employment information, see their time-off balances and submit a request at any time.
  • Email reminders for special events such as birthdays or work anniversaries. This small feature goes a long way in promoting positive company culture.

Versature’s customer-centric approach is built on the foundation of happy employees

“I would 100% recommend PurelyHR as it makes any office manager’s life a whole lot easier. And as a bonus, the birthday and anniversary reminders allow us to celebrate these special days with the staff!”

– Jessica Visnevskis, Office Manager at Versature

Office Manager Jessica Visnevskis especially benefits from PurelyHR. It allows her to free up time that used to be spent manually tracking time off and answering employee questions about time-off balances and requests. Now that her time has been freed up, she can focus on other aspects of her job, including employee wellbeing and recognition.

Ready to Join Versature in Simplifying your HR?

This dedication to their employees and celebrating humans over dollar signs is one of the ways Versature sets themselves apart. We’re proud to be a part of their business toolkit.

If you want to see PurelyHR in action, book a demo with our Customer Success team or start a free 21-day trial. You can also reach out to us anytime at

Don’t forget, we also offer a free account setup call, if you decide PurelyHR is right for you.

Rejean Martin

Rejean is the Marketing Manager at PurelyHR but some people also know him as the guy who lived in a bus in the prairies. As a world traveller and nature lover, Rejean can strongly attest to the power of time off in the workplace.

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