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Unlimited PTO Guide: The Highlights Reel

Earlier this month we launched our second ebook [A Comprehensive Guide to Unlimited PTO] in a series covering high-level PTO related topics. We spend a lot of our time doing research on how to deliver the best PTO experience for our clients and their teams.

We take information from dozens of articles we find on our travels through the internet and layer it with miniature case studies and experiences from our clients. Or even experiences we’ve had ourselves and combine them to create an in-depth journey of information for your reading and learning pleasure! 

In our latest ebook, released on the 5th of February, we covered a PTO topic that we can’t do a Google search on time off without bumping into! Both the good and the bad… So we decided to write about both sides of the story in order to give you, the reader, the most comprehensive view of the time off type known as Unlimited PTO or Unlimited Vacation. 

Luckily for you, in this blog post, we’re going to cover some of the key highlights from our Unlimited PTO ebook. But if you want the really good stuff,  you’re going to have to download it, which we’ll link for you here… and also later on in this article.

But don’t worry! We don’t want your email! 💌

Parts 1 & 2

In the opening chapters of our Unlimited PTO ebook, we discuss typical yet stereotypical biases or fears that are often brought up in opposition to Unlimited PTO. Although there are very real reasons as to why this PTO policy might not work in your organization, contrary to popular opinion these are not some of them. 

👉 An unbelievable high cost to implement.

👉 Extreme and unwarranted abuse of policy

It’s kind of crazy how often these are the first two items brought up in a discussion around Unlimited PTO, yet in almost every single case study we’ve reviewed on Unlimited PTO – these were not the case. In fact, often times the exact opposite occurred.

Part 3

In the third chapter, we talk about “the darkside of Unlimited PTO”

This is the part where we get really real about what can and will go wrong with Unlimited PTO (without proper preparation) but for those who are really adamant about using this time off policy in your organization, don’t fret just yet. We also provide resources for how to overcome these problems with real-life examples of businesses who have been through it already and came out the other side, both with Unlimited PTO and without (and why/how).

We weren’t kidding when we said it was in-depth! 😂

Part 4

This might just be your favourite part. In the 4th chapter of the ebook, we get into best practices. Most of the ebook is full of these but in this section, we really get into some of the top lessons other businesses have learned from Unlimited PTO, how to make it work and what to do if it doesn’t!

Part 5

Finally, we finish off the ebook with the ultimate question most HR decision makers will have when considering Unlimited PTO.

Is it right for us?

And the truth is, it’s really up to you and your team if it’s going to be successful or not.

In this ebook, we’ll provide you the best we can with steps you can take to make sure every basis is covered and set you up to make sure everything goes smoothly as possible… But even then there might be reasons that arise as to why you need to go in another direction. And if we’ve learned anything in the creation of this resource it’s that that is okay!

Often times, in the case where Unlimited PTO isn’t successful it still has lead to successful progression of the overall PTO policy and impacts the workplace culture in a positive manner.

Now it’s Your Turn!

It might seem like we gave away all the secret sauce in this post, but we promise this is just a taste! If you want the real thing, the link is right here! And like we said before, this is a special ungated content moment just for you! So we won’t ask you for your email or anything like that because we want you to enjoy the knowledge as much as we enjoyed making it! 

Let us know in the comment section below if you learned anything from this guide! And feel free to share it on social media! We always love hearing from you 🙂

Jared Goodman

As Content Coordinator at PurelyHR, it’s Jared’s job to research the latest and greatest time off trends and deliver them in impactful ways to our customers. A self-proclaimed Anti-Hustler, Jared knows the value time off can have in a business, having burned out several times as a freelancer before finding true work/life balance at PurelyHR. It’s his mission to help all 100,000 of our users achieve that same satisfaction.