Time-tracking made easy!

Track hours spent at work in general, or specifically on certain clients, projects or tasks - with or without comments!

Generate convenient timesheets your company needs to process payroll!

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Various Timesheet Formats

With 3 different timesheet formats, you can choose the format that suits best your company!

  • Company-wide or individual formats
  • Weekly, bi-weekly or monthly timesheets
  • Ability to add comments for each day
  • Ability to track lunch times
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Simple format
The Simple format is actually, really simple. For each day of the week, you have a textbox to input the number of hours worked on that day.
attendance tracking software
Detailed format
The Detailed format enables employees to specify the start/end time of their daily shifts, which automatically calculates their hours worked on each day.
track attendance online
Advanced format
The Advanced format enables employees to add time towards tasks, projects and clients. All time entries will then be compiled into timesheets, while keeping track of all your projects.
online time-sheet software

Simple and Intuitive

With our simple user-friendly interface, you'll be tracking your employee's time in a matter of minutes!

  • Simple, intuitive user interface
  • Track hours worked on the go
  • Time entries are save automatically
  • Simple approval process
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Improve your payroll process
Is your payroll department struggling to get everyone's hours on time in order to prepare payroll each pay week? By using Time-Sheet, payroll would have all the information they need at their finger tips.
timesheet tracking software
Track time from anywhere
Everyone within your company can track their time even when they're out of the office! All they need is a web-browser and access to the internet.
track timesheets online
Track time efficiently, and save money
We make it easy for your workforce to track their time. More importantly, this ensures all time reporting is accurate, real-time and reduces the nightmare of manual reporting.
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Valuable Features

You'll be pleased to learn about some of the unique features our system offers. Here's a few of them.

  • Integrates with our Time-Off module
  • Print timesheets for payroll
  • Block time entry on paid leave & holidays
  • Track billable vs non-billable hours
self-served timesheet tracking
Set overtime rules
Create overtime rules based on daily or weekly time entries. Overtime rules can be assigned account-wide, to only specific departments, or individual users.
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One-click timer
You have access to a timer you can start/stop on-the-go to track time spent on certain tasks. Once the timer is stopped, you can easily transfer those hours into a specific task.
time tracking solution
Allow managers to edit their user's timesheets
Managers have the ability to edit timesheets of any users they are directly managing. This eliminates back and forth changes between employees and managers.
online tracking hours software

Highly Flexible and Configurable

Customized to suit your requirements. Offers all the settings you'll need to efficiently track your staff work time!

  • Probation period for paid holidays
  • Optional comments
  • Set custom start of week
  • Set approval flows
time and attendance tracking
Timesheet periods
By default, our system comes ready with the following predefined timesheet periods:
Weekly | Bi-Weekly | Semi-Monthly | Monthly
employee attendance tracking
Custom timesheet periods
If none of the predefined timesheet period suits your requirements, you can always create your own custom periods.
staff time tracking
Create user schedules
Schedule templates can be created and assigned to each user to know how many hours they are suppose to work each day. You can then compare hours worked versus expected hours.
web-based timesheets

Useful Reporting

We know how important having valuable reports can be to efficiently manage your business!

  • Generate real-time timesheets
  • Generate summary reports
  • Overtime calculation
  • Team overview calendar
time-sheet system
Track arrival, departure and lunch times
Optionally, if you are using the Detailed format, arrivals, departures and lunches can be tracked within our software. Hours worked that day are automatically calculated accordingly!
web-based time-sheet
Export reports to PDF and CSV
Most of our reports can be exported to PDF or CSV for easy sharing. You need to generate a report and send it to your payroll department, no problem, we can do it!
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Timesheets include Time-Off and Holiday events
If you are using Time-Off, our leave management module, all approved time-off requests will automatically be included in all timesheets. Additionally, paid holidays can be automatically added to timesheets.
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Reminders and Alerts

Receive reminders and alerts whenever certain events are triggered, such as overdue timesheets.

  • Be on top of hours worked
  • Timesheets are approved on time
  • Payroll can be prepared on time
  • Be aware of overdue timesheets
online time tracking solution
Timesheets submitted for approval
Notify managers via email when timesheets are submitted for approval by their employees.
attendance tracking system
Overdue timesheet reminder
Notify employees via email when their timesheets are about to become overdue, or have been overdue for the specified number of days.
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