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Air Products

" Night and day from our previous system; this has cut down my manager's work load tremedously. "

-- D. Lee, Air Products

5.0/5.0 Rating
Extreme Reach

" Very end user friendly. 9 out of 10. Simple, low cost, easy to use. "

-- J. Davis, Extreme Reach

4.5/5.0 Rating
Mohave Community College

" The most affordable product we found, while maintaining complete functionality. Customer support and responsiveness to customer requests is excellent. Intuitive steps and controls. Audit trails allow for easy and complete research of employee leave behaviors. Wide variety of reports are ready-made. "

-- J. Dixon, Mohave Community College

4.5/5.0 Rating
Go Media

" Time Off Manager is easy for all the employees here to use. It's a great way to track how much time off an employee has used and how much they have left. Requesting a day off is very simple, and now we do not have to fill out a form for that, so we are saving paper too! "

-- K. Finley, Go Media

4.5/5.0 Rating
Look Effects

" I have always had amazing support with TimeOffManager. This was the first purchase I ever made for my company and I am really happy with it. Jason's team is constantly improving the TimeOffManager site, and the one time an update went against our normal flow of work they created a work-around for us within a day. "

-- J. Coleman, Look Effects

4.0/5.0 Rating
People Resources

" The system is very user friendly and has worked well with our different time-off types & rules. User support has been great in making modifications that allow us to use the system without any additional manual recordkeeping. Overall, it's a great product & very reasonably priced for the cost of saving man hours to manually maintain the same information. "

-- S. Sallade, People Resources

5.0/5.0 Rating
Stephen Thomas Ltd

" We love this product, it is easy! And our contact Jason has proved to be a "Prize". I would recommend this software 100%, we used another in 2010 and it failed us in so many ways. And the price is right!!! "

-- T. Rocha, Stephen Thomas Ltd

5.0/5.0 Rating
Vision Critical

" The system was able to capture some of our complicated policies of taking time-off. Overall, Ironflow was very easy to work with and customer support was readily available. I would recommend this product to other companies. "

-- J. Ng, Vision Critical

4.5/5.0 Rating
MCS Software

" Would definitely recommend this product. "

-- E. Meral III, MCS Software

4.5/5.0 Rating
Saskatchewan Parks and Recreation Association

" An easy-to-use time off system for companies at a great price, with excellent customer support! Very easy to use which our employees really like. "

-- B. Thiessen, Saskatchewan Parks and Recreation Association

4.5/5.0 Rating
Niagara Falls Community Health Centre

" Ease of use for administrator as well as users. "

-- B. Sage, Niagara Falls Community Health Centre

5.0/5.0 Rating
Data Paradigm, Inc.

" Ease of use, full-featured, fantastic support! "

-- R. Phillips, Data Paradigm, Inc.

4.5/5.0 Rating
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