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Time-off transparency, automated calculations, and
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The Indigenous Perspectives Society (IPS) is a charitable, nonprofit social enterprise that offers training, consulting, and projects that help strengthen the lives and contribute to the self-determination of Indigenous peoples.

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"It was all recorded and done manually on columned sheets of paper,” says Carol Itakura of the Indigenous Perspectives Society of pre-PurelyHR time-off tracking. “A lot of time was spent manually setting up, recording and calculating time for each staff."

Simplified Time-Off Tracking

Carol Itakura is the Facilities and Resource Manager for the Indigenous Perspectives Society (IPS). She has been with the organization since 2002. She’s a multi-tasker whose day-to-day responsibilities include everything from managing and maintaining the office, equipment, vendor contracts, purchasing, plus handling key human resource tasks.

This includes managing the paperwork for all new and departing staff and tracking staff leave and overtime. This is what brought IPS to PurelyHR in the first place.

Besides the time it took to manage the time-off request process, staff would also have to request their balances and send follow-up emails when leave requests were submitted. When it came to knowing when staff were out of the office, there was no transparency.

"There were no reports and the supervisors were in the dark
regarding where their staff were and their availability."

Minimizing Resistance to Change with PurelyHR

Back in 2011, when IPS set out to research options for simplifying their leave management, one of their key considerations was being able to get employees trained easily and minimize resistance to change. They decided cloud software would be the best option.

"A committee of two researched and arranged for demonstrations and had executive management participate in these; the committee recommended PurelyHR as the best option."

PurelyHR requires minimal employee training. Initial account setup is done by the account administrator and we’re here to help! We offer guided support with a 1-hour account setup call with our Customer Success team. During the call, our team will walk you through setting up your time-off types, policies, and account settings so you’re ready to roll out to your employees quickly.

From an employee perspective, once they have access, everything is set up and they’re ready to start requesting time-off right away.

IPS Saves Hours a Week with PurelyHR

Time saved was the first immediate positive outcome from implementing PurelyHR.

Issues with time-off transparency have also disappeared with Time-Off’s shared calendar.

"I enjoy the fact that I can look at the PurelyHR calendar and see all staff's leave requests (colour coded) and be able to see all that have been approved. For those still waiting to be approved, I am able to follow-up on them with the respective supervisor."

Farewell manual calculations

Simplified automated calculations also make Carol’s job easier. Transferring banked time is one of the features Carol uses most and Time-Off handles the calculations for her.

"I also like the fact that PurelyHR will calculate and add overtime at time and a half very quickly and simply. I need to transfer staff’s unused banked time to any of their eligible deductible time-off types, such as their Overtime account and have the system easily multiply the number of hours for time and a half or double time."

Time-Off also handles reporting and balance projections.

"The reports are especially helpful and needed at our fiscal year-end and when an employee leaves the Society. Being able to do balance projections is also so appreciated as well when calculating for an employee who is planning for time off in the near future," says Carol.

Support Every Step of the Way

One of the things we pride ourselves on here at PurelyHR is being there for our customers every step of the way. Unlimited technical support is included with every subscription and we love helping you get the most out of PurelyHR.

This commitment stands out to Carol.

"I am appreciative of the Support team at PurelyHR, who have been super helpful with all the questions posed to them, and for scheduling time to work with me. After every interaction, a problem was solved or a solution was provided."

When asked how she would describe PurelyHR to a colleague, Carol sums it up enthusiastically.

"I-can’t-begin-to-tell-you-how-fantastic-PurelyHR-is! It's an awesome service that is a great time-saver, calculator, reporter, and a fabulous at-a glance calendar. Our office staff finds it easy to use and loves it!"

We love working with nonprofit organizations. Book a demo today to see how PurelyHR can improve your everyday HR.

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