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Your custom people portal
The ultimate leave management tool
Take control of your review process
Track time with the click of a button
Track total hours or time spent on projects
Send, track, and store infractions
Track certifications, training, licenses and more


Store, manage, and organize employee files with Staff. With your entire team at your fingertips, spend less time on essential tasks such as onboarding, managing employee data, and policy enforcement.

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Centralized employee data
Your filing cabinet—only better. Employee data, up-to-date and accessible with self-serve option.
Start new hires off on the right foot. Create and assign onboarding tasks, upload documents, and more.
Manage multiple locations
Assign each location its own holidays and time-off policies.
Customizable interface
We’ll fit right in! Add your logo and brand colour for a seamless employee experience.
Customizable staff and workforce reports give you valuable insights into your business.
Document storage
500MB of storage, upload company documents to share with specific users or company-wide.
  • Request digital signatures with document uploads
  • Securely store contact, employment, compensation information and more, plus custom fields
  • Bulk user upload to speed up implementation
  • Quickly assign paid holidays or add custom holidays

Ready to turn your back on
your filing cabinet?

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Say goodbye to tedious approval processes with Time-Off. An industry-leading solution for tracking PTO and other leave types plus automated accruals, policy renewals, and simple requests and approvals.

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Spend less time on time off
Submit and approve in a few
clicks. Save hours a week on
leave management.
Customizable time-off policies
Create custom time-off types
and policies that match your
organization’s unique needs.
Sync with your calendar
Shared leave calendar is
compatible with Outlook,
Apple, and Google calendars.
Time-off automation
Automate policy changes,
balance renewals, accruals,
approvals, and more.
25+ customizable reports
Pre-built reports make it easy
to share payroll, workforce, and
time off data.
Helpful reminders
Enable notifications for
upcoming PTO, pending
requests, work anniversaries,
and birthdays.

Take a break from leave

Free yourself from the cycle of emails, spreadsheets,
and paper calendars. We give you the tools for time-
off transparency: employees can access their balances
anytime, requests are sent and approved with the click
of a button, and important renewals and calculations
are automated.

  • Simple implementation plus free account setup
  • Single Sign-On (SSO) options available
  • Approve requests from email with the click of a button
  • Track remote work, FMLA, banked time, and more
  • Annual balance renewal on your terms with over 10 renewal scenarios
  • Unlimited technical support included with every subscription
  • Custom restrictions limit requests to accommodate staffing needs
  • Set prorated balances for new hires

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manage time off?

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Your all-in-one performance management solution. With customizable templates, scheduling, goal-setting, feedback, and more, make professional development an ongoing conversation.

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Easy-to-build templates
Choose from pre-loaded questions or create custom ones that match your review objectives.
360-degree feedback
Feedback options include self-evaluation, peer, or between employee and manager.
Goal tracking
Unlock your team’s potential with goals. Create, assign, and track progress.
  • Scheduling reminders and custom review frequency
  • Option to request a digital signature to finalize review process
  • Self-review option provides an opportunity to reflect on progress and professional development
  • Valuable insights from other PurelyHR modules such as attendance, notes from employee files, and infractions

Take control of your
review process

Performance reviews don’t have to be a dreaded task. Elevate your review process from obligation to ongoing conversation with PurelyHR. Performance gives you the tools you need to balance continuous feedback with traditional performance evaluations.


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review process?

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Clock in and out. Simple as that. Manage arrival and departure time, total hours worked, and get a real-time snapshot of who’s in and out of the office.

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Customized to your business
Set your workday, schedules, overtime rules, timecard approval process, and more.
Export timecard reports
Detailed reports on specific offices, departments, employees, and more.
Helpful reminders
Notifications for missed shifts, late punch in or early punch out, and overdue timecards.
  • Set IP restrictions to control where employees clock in
  • Integrates with Time-Off for accurate attendance information
  • Dashboard gives at-a-glance look at who’s in, late, missing, sick, or on vacation
  • No complicated hardware setup or in-depth training required

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punch the clock?

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Track total hours worked or time spent on specific clients, projects, or tasks. Simple digital time tracking for your business.

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3 timesheet formats
Simple, detailed, or advanced. Advanced allows you to track time for specific clients or projects.
Manager/employee reminders
Notify employees to submit timesheets and managers to review pending timesheets.
Timesheet periods
Set to match your pay period or choose a custom period.
  • Assign tasks and set priorities
  • Option to auto-create timesheets at start of every period
  • Set custom approval paths
  • Customizable overtime rules

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Improved transparency for employee disciplinary action. Send, track, and store infractions to ensure compliance throughout the disciplinary process.

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Comprehensive record
Record date, time, and details of incident; employer statement; and consequences.
Simple setup
Start sending and tracking infractions in no time.
Digital signatures
All warnings require employee signature to finalize process.
  • Provide comments and choose who can view them
  • Email notifications from creation to the final digital signature
  • Option to send warnings to HR for review
  • Set up custom violation types, actions, and consequences

Ready to wave goodbye
to written warnings?

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Manage certifications, training, and licenses to stay on top of renewals, ensure compliance, and create robust talent profiles for your employees.

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Your certification and training hub
Essential employee information all in one place with qualifications and talents now added to employee files in Staff.
Stay compliant
Add expiry dates, set mandatory qualifications, and upload documents when qualifications are completed.
Track additional talents
Add language proficiency, education, professional memberships, and recognition.
  • Automatic reminders for upcoming & expired qualifications
  • Send training materials quickly and easily
  • Customizable reports provide valuable insights
  • Assign talents & qualifications to employees in a few clicks

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training and certifications?

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