Performance™ is here!


Our purpose is to give HR decision-makers all over the world the resources to provide their talent with the best time off experience possible.


Our Vision

The PurelyHR team is made up of smart, quirky, and ever-passionate people who strive to push the boundaries of HR technology and solve problems relevant to our customers and their teams. We understand that in order for them to do their best work, they have to be their best selves.


So we’re building the ultimate vacation management platform. Already in over 65 countries, and 100,000+ users strong but we’re nowhere close to being done.

Most HR software, focus on numbers and data - at PurelyHR, we do the opposite. With every module we build, we’re constantly thinking of how to improve our client’s and their employee’s experience.

Founder Story


We’ve been problem solvers since the start. In 2007, Jason Gendron was the founder of another IT company and was constantly fielding HR requests. Soon he began building his own solution in his spare time, burning that midnight oil.

After the acquisition of his previous company in 2009 and with great success from what is now our Time-Off Manager ™ (TOM), Gendron decided to launch PurelyHR, the Ultimate Leave Management Tool, complete with some handy time tracking and performance add-ons as well.

Penny on the beach

Our Take on Time Off

At its core level, HR is the management of your company’s most powerful resource, it’s humans.

Like any of us humans, your people need a break from time to time - but managing their time off requests can be a hassle and we get that too. We want to make things a little bit simpler for both the HR person and the employee.

In our current professional climate of hustle and determination, it’s easy for your talent to feel run down and tired, but also afraid of taking their vacation time whether they can’t afford it, or they feel it may hurt their chances of advancement. PurelyHR wants to help you change that culture.