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All your employee data combined with the ultimate leave management software.

Time-Off Time-Sheet Time-Clock Warnings

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Time-Off Time-Sheet Time-Clock Warnings

Leave management made easy!

Let us be your Time Off Command Centre! From automating accruals and renewals, to customizing your offices specific approval hierarchy for time off requests. Whatever your current leave management problems are, PurelyHR has a solution!

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Time-Off PC
Let Your Employee Manage Their Own Data

Let Your Employee Manage Their Own Data

Allow your team the ability to access their own leave data anywhere, anytime. Spend less time fielding HR inquiries and sell your old filing cabinets on craigslist!

Simple 3 step leave

Simple 3 Step Leave Request Process

Simple is an understatement. Your team will be amazed by how quickly they can submit their time off requests! Select your date range, submit & confirm.

Automation at  your fingertips

Automation at Your Fingertips

Let our system take care of accruals, carry-overs, banked time and all other confusing calculations that your leave policy desires. With automation, you can focus on what matters most. Your employees!


No more spreadsheets
or filing cabinets!

Our core talent management module provides the foundation for all our PurelyHR products by organizing your HR world with structure and discipline. Everything you need to know about your staff, all in one place!

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Your Entire Team at your Fingertips

Your Entire Team
At Your Fingertips

Staff ™ allows you to search your staff directory by name, employee ID, department or office. Find anyone in your company in just a few clicks!

Easy Onboarding set up with 100mb of storage

Easy Onboarding Set Up with 100MB of Storage

PurelyHR offers storage for all your policy manuals, employee handbooks, and any other HR related documents all available within the HRIS for ease of access across your entire company!

Manage Multiple Offices and Departments

Manage Multiple Offices & Departments

Have offices around the world? We know first hand how challenging it can be keep track of different paid holidays in different parts of the globe. Our Staff ™ module can help you with that.

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