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Performance™ is an easier way to build, schedule, submit, and store reviews for all of your employees.

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online employee performance reviews

Streamlined Review Process

Ask the right questions at the right time.

easy-to-built performance review templates

Easy-to-build templates

You are in control of the review process with our powerful
custom templates. Choose from pre-existing questions or
create custom questions tailored to your organization.

performance review reminders

Helpful Reminders

With scheduling reminders and the ability to set your
review frequency, save your energy and focus for the
review process, not the planning.

valuable insights on performance review processes

Valuable Insights Across Modules

Access valuable data from other PurelyHR modules that
inform the review process, such as attendance,
infractions, skills, and notes on employee files.

employee 360-degree feedback

360-Degree Feedback

Feedback and accountability in all directions.

Create an ongoing conversation about performance, progress, and teamwork with the option to give feedback at any time—whether it’s a self-evaluation, peer, or between an employee and manager.

Create and control the questions sent through each pathway to extract the right information at the right time.

employee goal tracking


Unlock your team’s potential.

Set your employees up for success by creating, assigning and tracking progress with set goals.

Set reminders when goals should be met or reviewed.

With customizable templates, review frequencies, email reminders, goals, and more, make professional development an ongoing conversation and transform your review process with Performance™.

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