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Employee Data
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Your Entire Team At Your Fingertips

Staff ™ allows you to search your employees by name, location, department, team and job title. Find anyone in your company.

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Employee Profiles

Keep accurate contact details for your workforce. Track salary changes. Find all the information you need for an employee, all in one place!

core hris, online hris

Birthdays & Work Anniversaries

Use our core HR module to manage your internal culture. Get notified about employee milestones so you can celebrate special events with your staff.

Storage, For Days

Say sayōnara to your file cabinets! Secure, customize and share all your important HR documents! Backed up daily and accessible from anywhere!

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Onboarding Hub

With 100MB of cloud storage you can build your own onboarding hub with documents like offer letters, training manuals and information on benefits and perks packages. Sit back and watch as your new hire checks off each document as they complete them.

Secure Staff Records

Keep employee specific documents such as resumes, reference letters and diplomas in one place, attached to the digital employee file and profile.

Notes for Managers & Administrators

Administrators and managers can share public or private notes in each employee profile. These notes will forever be stored in their profile, so they won’t be forgotten!

Staff Profile

Your Digital
Operations Assistant

Pete Circle

Designed to fit your company like a glove. Staff operates in any browser and comes with a multitude of custom settings to match your company’s internal processes. No matter the situation, we got you covered!

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Manage Multiple

Is your company located in multiple cities, countries, or continents? Manage them all within Staff and assign staff and managers to their corresponding locations.

Approval Hierarchy

Every company has different standards for approving vacation requests. Send it up the corporate ladder, or have each and every vacation request auto approved. Whatever your company’s existing policy is, we can match it!

We’ll Fit Right In!

Customize your PurelyHR user interface to match your company’s brand. Add your logo and brand colours for a consistent and trustworthy vibe for your employees.

Rockstar Reporting

Your people mean a lot to you, so they mean a lot to us. With Staff’s™ reporting function you’ll be able to receive in-depth and automated reports on your talent whenever you need them.

human resources software

Watch year over year on how your company is doing in teamgrowth in any department or office.

core hris

Get reports on your employee’s ages. See the age breakdown by department or by office.

online hris

Get a birds’ eye view of your companies gender status. Working towardsinclusivity? See what departments and offices need the most attention.

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