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Clock-in & clock-out made easy!

Manage arrival, departure and total hours worked and always havea snapshot in real time of who’s in and who’s out of the office.

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A Simple Attendance Overview

With our simple user-friendly interface, you’ll be tracking your employee attendance in a matter of minutes!

  • Set IP restrictions
  • Clock in/out on the go
  • Track tardiness and absences
  • Simple approval process
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See Who’s In and Out From a Visual Report

Our Who’s In screen offers cutting edge visualization on your staff attendance. See who’s late, missing, on sick leave or on vacation, all in one screen!

Track Attendance From Anywhere

HR and managers can track attendance even when they’re out of the office! All they need is a web-browser and access to the internet.

Track Attendance Efficiently and Save Money

We make it easy for your workforce to clock in and clock out. More importantly, this ensures all time reporting is accurate, real-time and reduces the nightmare of manual reporting.

time clock, track time online

Highly Flexible and Configurable

Customized to suit your requirements and efficiently track your staff’s attendance!

  • Set rounding rules
  • Optional comments on punches
  • Set custom Time Clock Periods
  • Searchable timecard listing page
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Allow Grace Periods

Allow your staff to clock in a certain amount of minutes late in the morning, without being flagged as tardy.

Set IP Restrictions

Allow your staff to clock in from anywhere, or restrict them to only being able to access the

Auto-Deduct Lunch Hours

Set the system to automatically deduct X minutes every day from all shifts, in order to remove all lunch times from all timecards.

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Valuable Features

You’ll be pleased to learn about some of the unique features our system offers. Here’s a few of them.

  • Integrates with Time-Off™
  • Archive timecards
  • Allow timecards to be edited
  • Users can set their own Time Zones
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Setup Job Codes

Setting up job codes will force the users to pick a job code upon clocking-in on each shift. Job codes are also useful for reporting purposes.

Create User Schedules

Schedule templates can be created and assigned to each user. In order to track adherence, users must be assigned to a schedule.

Allow Managers to Add Punches That Were Missed

We all know employees can forget to clock-in and out from time to time. Luckily with Time- Clock, managers can add any missed punches on their behalf.

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Useful Reporting

We know how important having valuable reports can be to efficiently manage your business!

  • Export timecards
  • Generate summary reports
  • Real-time reporting
  • Visual who’s in report
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Track Break and Lunch Times

Optionally, breaks and lunches can be tracked within our software. Alternatively, these hours can also be automatically deducted from all reports.

Export Reports to PDF and CSV

Most of our reports can be exported to PDF or CSV for easy sharing. You need to generate a report and send it to your payroll department, no problem, we can do it!

Timecards Include Time-Off Events

If you are using Time-Off™, our leave management solution, all approved time-off requests will automatically be included in all timecards.

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Reminders and Alerts

Receive reminders and alerts whenever certain events are triggered, such as employees being late.

  • Be on top of tardiness
  • Timecards are approved on time
  • No more unnoticed absences
  • Alert managers on incomplete days
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Enable Absence Alerts

Alerts can be sent to managers whenever an employee was scheduled to work today and is late by more than X minutes. If an employee is missing in action, you’ll quickly know!

Enable Tardiness Alerts

Automatically send alerts to managers whenever employees punch in late by more than X minutes. Always being tardy can cost money, so be aware of all tardiness!

E-mail Notifications

Allow managers to receive an email when a time-card is submitted.

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