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Store all your employees’
warnings and infractions online!

Our online warnings solution will replace all your written warnings. You can say goodbye to all your paper warnings! Warnings must be e-signed by both the managers and the employees, and then stored online for easy access.

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Easy to Use and Setup

With our simple user-friendly interface, you’ll be storing all your warnings and infractions online in a matter of minutes!

  • Centralized warning repository
  • No more paper written warnings
  • No more missing, misplaced warnings
  • All warnings must be digitally signed
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HR can Pre-Approve all Warnings

HR can choose to have all warnings pre-approved before they can be sent to the employees. This ensures HR is on top of all warnings!

Everyone is Notified by Email

From the creation to the final digital signature, emails are sent to all involved parties to keep them in the loop on the status of the warning, and the next steps to take.

Infinite Access to Your Warnings

At any given time, employees and managers can log into the system and view all warnings that were assigned to them.

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Valuable Features

You’ll be pleased to learn about some of the unique features our product has. Here’s a few of them.

  • Custom violation and action types
  • Each party can voice their statement
  • Set privacy options on comments
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Consequences if Incident Occurs Again

On each warning, managers can state the consequence should the same incident occur again in the future. This way, everyone is aware of future action.

Warning Reminder

A reminder can be enabled to send emails to each employee that has a warning in "Awaiting Signature" mode.

Warning Options

Options are available to display or hide certain sections within warnings. For instance, you can either hide or show the "Previous Warnings" and "Action to be taken" sections of all warnings.

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