A smarter way to

  • manage vacation
  • store employee data
  • review performance
  • submit timesheets
  • request PTO
  • punch the clock
  • onboard new hires
  • give 360° feedback
  • track remote work
Submit Vacation

Powerful modular software for your everyday HR

Submit Vacation

Modular HR Software
That Fits Your Business

Our Modules

Secure people management portal. Store employee data and onboard new hires.
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The ultimate leave management tool
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Build custom templates, schedule, submit, and store reviews. Take control of your review process.
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Manage arrival and departure times, total hours worked, and who’s in and out of the office.
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Track total hours worked or time spent on specific clients, projects or tasks.
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Send, track, and store infractions. Ensure a fair and consistent disciplinary process.
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Track and assign certifications and training plus additional talents. Stay compliant.
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Trusted by thousands of companies worldwide

Brittany P.
Managing Director of Operations
"Incredible customization options and world-class customer service! Our staff love the ability to see the entire calendar and our managers love the ability to approve via email and get live updates on current balances."
Jennifer S.
Program Coordinator
"PurelyHR is a time saver! Convenient, easy to understand, user-friendly, and many customization options all at your fingertips. Definitely worth the cost [for all the services it provides] for our non-profit organization."
Allison M.
VP Finance & HR
"Excellent software & customer service is outstanding. The software is extremely easy to use and easy to set- up. Would recommend over ANY higher priced software on the market [. . .] and I’ve used several!"
Terry W.
Finance Director
"We had a great experience. The support team was very helpful with getting us started and walking me through."
Caitlin J.
Executive Assistant
"PurelyHR does everything our old software couldn’t and for half the price! Customer Service is very helpful to make sure their software is doing what you want and need it to do. It’s easily customizable for each employee and for your whole company."
Elisa C.
Office Manager
"We just needed a basic system that was easy to set up and easy to use. PurelyHR was one of the few companies that met our criteria. Would highly recommend!"

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What do you mean by “modular” HR software?
    PurelyHR is made up of 6 modules: Staff, Time-Off, Performance, Time-Sheet, Time-Clock, and Warnings. Choose only the modules you need to avoid paying for an HRIS that’s full of features you won’t use. This allows our users to find a solution that works for their specific needs.
  • How long does it take to set up PurelyHR?
    Implementation can be done in as little as a couple of hours—no IT department required plus no setup charges.
  • What is the setup process like?
    With a free account setup call for Time-Off and unlimited technical support for other modules, our highly-rated Customer Success team will be with you every step of the way.
  • What if I need help after implementation?
    We’re here to help! Free technical support is included with your PurelyHR account. Contact Customer Success at 1-844-402-6557 between 7AM and 7PM EST Monday through Friday or email us at support@purelyhr.com.
  • Do I have to sign a contract to use PurelyHR?
    PurelyHR is a month-to-month or annual subscription service (depending on your plan). There are no contracts and you can cancel anytime.
  • How much does PurelyHR cost?
    The cost is based on the modules you choose and how many employees you have. You can get an instant quote on our pricing page. Every account comes with a free 21-day trial (no credit card required). If you sign up for a year, you’ll save 10% .
  • Does PurelyHR offer a discount for nonprofits?
    Yes, contact us at support@purelyhr.com for your personalized quote.

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We’ll crunch the numbers

Automate time-consuming tasks and free yourself from spreadsheets and manual calculations.

Powerful reporting

Customizable reports provide valuable insight into your business in just a few clicks.

Improved transparency

Centralized employee data, time-off tracking, and more gives clarity where it matters.

Small to medium-sized businesses

Whether you have 1 or 1000 employees, PurelyHR fits your business. Scalable as you grow.

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