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  • Choosing the Right HR Vendor

    Once you've determined the needs of your company in terms of HR software, you need to find a software provider that you enjoy working with.

  • Choosing the Right Type of Solution

    There are many types of business models available in online HR software. Let us show you what each one has to offer and why they may or may not be good for you.

  • SaaS Vs On-Premise

    Which one is better? That usually depends on many factors. Here’s a look at a few characteristics that may influence your the decision to opt for Saas of on-premise for your software.

  • PTO Policy Guide

    define both the needs of your employees, the company and yourself by creating a great attendance policy that will be simple to administer and everyone will enjoy.

  • What HR Functions Should You Automate

    Looking to minimize the time you invest on HR administrative tasks? Let us help you discover the different tasks you can automate today with the help of SaaS.

  • Attendance Infographic

    We have collected some data from our Time-Off module to allow you to discover some of the attendance trends across North America and Europe.

  • Time-Off Policy Template

    This template provides a general example of a leave and time off policy to help you manage your human resources. It is meant to be adapted to match your specific business needs and regulations.

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