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A Cloud Build for you

A Cloud Built for you

We know data is critical to your business, which is why our products are fully accessible from anywhere, at all times. Our cloud environment is maintained by a professional team. Our secured infrastructure is monitored 24/7/365. Our reliable service offers seamless weekly upgrades and no-hassle maintenance.

Data Security is a Priority

Data Security is a Priority

When you use PurelyHR, you entrust us with sensitive information about your company and your employees and rely on us to keep all this data safe. Be assured that we take this responsibility very seriously. We guarantee a high-level of security by using firewalls and SSL encryption, and all our products are role-based which means only certain types of user can access certain data.

Superb Reliability

Superb Reliability

We are committed to providing the highest level of service and operational transparency. PurelyHR solutions guarantee 99.5% uptime, which is one of the benefits of a cloud solution. We monitor your service around-the-clock to ensure you can access our solutions when you need to.


With PurelyHR, you’ll never have to wait long periods of time to get the latest version of our software products. On a weekly basis, we issue updates on our products, so all new features are available instantly. More importantly, you’ll never experience any disruption to your business while we deploy upgrades since everything happens behind the scenes over the cloud.

Automatic Updates

In Hours

We take pride in the simplicity of our products. You’ll be pleased with how little training your team will require. For larger offices, we offer a complimentary Onboarding session with our customer success team to get you started. You’ll be up and running in just a few hours!

Implementation in Hours


Our solutions can seamlessly integrate with some of your other software systems and calendars. Contact us or take a look at our software pages for more information!

Transparent Integration

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