Trust is hard earned

Our clients are loyal and at ease with us

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A cloud built for you

We know data is critical to your business, therefore our solutions are fully accessible from anywhere, at all times.

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Data security is a priority

Data security is something we take very seriously, which is why we have taken several measures to keep your data safe.

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Weekly updates

With our weekly updates, you won't have to wait forever to get the latest version of our software!

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Near-perfect availability

PurelyHR’s solutions guarantee an uptime greater than 99.5% —a true benefit of a cloud solution.

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Implementation in hours

Our products are easy to set up, and requires little to no training. You can start using them within hours!

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We've been in the industry for over 5 years already, with an uptime greater than 99.5%. PurelyHR's network will always be up and running, whenever you need your data!

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Transparent integration

Our solutions can seamlessly integrate with some of your other software systems. Contact us for more information.

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Flexible pricing

We offer flexible pricing, with a month-to-month payment model, with no long-term commitment. Maintenance, support and upgrades are included at no additional cost.

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Risk free

Cut down your risk by not having to invest and maintain an infrastructure. We take care of the maintenance, monitoring, security and data protection for you.

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