Our clients mean the world to us

reliable hr software

We are committed to providing the highest level of service and operational transparency. PurelyHR solutions guarantee 99.5% uptime, which is one of the benefits of a cloud solution. We monitor your service around-the-clock to ensure you can access our solutions, when you need to.

reliable vacation tracking

Guaranteed uptime

We guarantee above 99.5% uptime, so our products will be available when you need them! We know your business depends on reliable uptime, that's why we've designed and built our network for solid reliability.

reliable time tracking

Work from anywhere

When you use web-based software your office is everywhere. At work, at home, in a hotel or at a client’s office. All you need is internet access. Simple software makes a better company.

reliable attendance tracking

Real-time monitoring

Our servers are monitored around-the-clock, so if something goes wrong, we will be the first to get notified, and we'll be working on fixing the potential issue right away!

reliable absence tracking

Cross-platform compatibility

Web-based applications have a much easier path to successful cross-platform compatibility than downloadable software applications. Our software works on any platform with a web browser and internet connection. Mac, Windows, Linux are all supported.

reliable leave tracking

Fast and reliable service

One thing we are known for is our exceptional customer service! We take our customer service really seriously, which is the reason you will never wait for more than 15 minutes before someone gets back to you, during normal business hours. As far as our products, our team of researchers regularly test and assess new technologies and methodologies to give you the fastest, most reliable service.